Rod Man vs. New York Post

Rod sits down with Michael Starr

Written by Michael Starr

Last, but not least…
I checked in with standup comedian Rod Man, winner of last year’s “Last Comic Standing,” who’s returning for Wednesday night’s season finale (10 p.m. on NBC) to meet with the final five contestants.
Winning the show last year “has had a tremendous effect” on his career, he says. “There are more people coming to the shows and the audience has changed; I now get people who knew me before ‘Last Comic Standing’ and new fans who only know me from the show. It’s a good mix.” He’s also got an NBC sitcom pilot in the works. “It’s based loosely on my life, with me moving back to my hometown and taking care of my momma and brother and sister and wife and kids,” he says. “It’s a family show, which is what I’m about at the end of the day. It should be pretty funny” …


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